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Alfa Tool Numbers

Old Tool NumberNew Tool NumberDescription
A.2.0070Rear axle support
A.2.01951.820.012.000Base for cylinder head support
A.2.02261.820.016.000Yoke for cylinder head support
A.2.0234Spacer for locking of intermediate flange (to be used with A.2.0242)
A.2.0242Support of dial gauge to read pinion spacer thickness (to be used with A.2.0234)
A.2.0243Tool for locking pinion
A.2.0251Tool for compressing and retaining spring
A.2.0274Adapter of sheave for checking pinion bearing pre-load
A.2.0278Valve cups stopper
A.2.0300Tool for locking mainshaft (to be used with A.3.0300)
A.2.0378Tool for locking the flywheel
A.3.0103/61.821.001.000Yoke to remove and refit the valves
A.3.0156Puller of upper pin from stub axle
A.3.0156Track rod ball joint puller
A.3.0157Puller of wheel hub support lower joint pin
A.3.0287Adjustable span puller for differential carrier bearing cones
A.3.0291Puller of bush shim and oil seal from the mainshaft and gearshift rod
A.3.0292Driver of differential bearing cups
A.3.0293Driver of bearing and phonic wheel retainer onto differential spindle
A.3.0294Driver of oil seal onto gear shift rod (with assembled unit)
A.3.0295Plate for withdrawl of differential spindle
A.3.0296Puller / driver of rear pinion bearing cup and puller of pinion shaft and mainshaft
A.3.0297Puller / driver of fron pinion bearing cup (for use with A.3.0296)
A.3.0298Puller of speedometer pinion and ring nut from shaft
A.3.0299Puller of differential bearing outer races
A.3.0301Driver of pinion
A.3.0302Puller / driver of drive flange bearing
A.3.0302Puller / driver of cup of front hub bearings
A.3.0303Guide for fitting striking rod balls of 3rd, 4th and rev. striking rods (for use with A.3.0309)"
A.3.0304Guide for fitting interlock rollers of 1st abd 2nd striking rid (for use with A.3.0309)
A.3.0305Driver of bearing inner races onto differential housing hubs
A.3.0306Plate for withdrawal of inner race of front pinion bearing
A.3.0307Driver front pinion bearing inner race
A.3.0308Driver fof direct drive shaft bush
A.3.0309Driver of interlock rollers (for use with A.3.0303 and A.3.0304)
A.3.03111.821.053.000Puller for valve guides
A.3.03121.821.054.000Driver of intake valve guides
A.3.03141.821.055.000Driver of timing gear cover seal
A.3.03211.821.056.000Support for removing and fitting valves
A.3.0322Puller / driver of striking rod retainers
A.3.0323Driver of direct drive shaft seal ring
A.3.03241.821.058.000Lever for removing and refitting the valves
A.3.0328Driver of rear hub outer conical bearing outer race
A.3.0329Driver of rear hub inner conical bearing outer race
A.3.0330Driver of seal and bearing of front hubs (to be used with A.3.0415)
A.3.03371.821.063.000Driver of crankshaft rear seal
A.3.03381.821.064.000Driver of crankshaft front seal
A.3.0349Hub outer bearing outer race extractor
A.3.0355Hub inner bearing outer race extractor
A.3.04021.821.087.000Caliper type puller, 14/20mm range for the crankshaft bush
A.3.0415Base of withdrawal fitment (to be used with driver A.3.0330)
A.3.0429Puller of gear selector rod seal ring
A.3.0430Driver if output shaft seal
A.3.04501.821.104.000Driver of crankshaft rear bush
A.3.0451/12Steering wheel puller
A.3.0452Puller of drive spindle seal (with unit assembled)
A.3.0453Driver of drive spindle seal
A.3.0459Driver of front hub seal
A.3.04691.821.110.000Driver of intake valve guide seals
A.3.0490Puller of 4th speed gear from mainshaft (to be used with A.3.0296 and A.3.0492)
A.3.0491Puller / driver of rear mainshaft bearing (for use with A.3.0296)
A.3.0492Auxiliary shaft for removing 4th speed gear from mainshaft (to be used with A.3.0296 and A.3.0490)
A.3.0495Puller of 5th speed drive gear
A.3.0500Tool for removing rear mainshaft bearing (for use with A.3.0296 and A.3.0491)
A.3.0605Base for withdrawak and fitment of drive shaft from constant speed joint
A.3.0300Driver of mainshaft and 5th speed driver gear
A.4.0136Support of dual gauge for pinion setting (to be used with c.6.0161)
A.4.0141Reference hauge for pre-loading pinion shaft bearings
A.4.0142Dummy pinion for distance setting
A.4.0144Clutch disc aligning bar
A.4.0146Tool for suspension height check
A.4.0148Tool for calibrating brake preasure regulator
A.4.0149Tool for suspension height check
A.4.0150Probe for suspension height check (to be used with A.4.0146 and A.4.0149)
A.4.0153Magnetic adapter for suspension height check (to be used with A.4.0146 and A.4.0149)
A.4.0206Magnetic adapter for suspension height check (to be used with A.4.0146 and A.4.0149)
A.5.0193Wrench for adjusting valve clearances, 5mm size
A.5.01951.822.008.000Toothed wrench for locking the camshaft pulley
A.5.0196Wrench, 38mm for pinion shaft nut
A.5.01981.822.010.000Wrench for cylinder head screws, 17mm size
A.5.0204Spanner for adjustment of steering rack plunger and clearance
A.5.0239Wrench for bearing front hub nuts
A.9.0051Service tools for windscreen and rear window disassembly
A3.0.0156Puller of pin from stub axle
C.2.0037/0100Weight, 100gr for checking bearing preload (for use with A.2.0274 and C.5.0124)
C.2.0037/0150Weight, 150gr for checking bearing preload (for use with A.2.0274 and C.5.0124)
C.2.0037/0200Weight, 200gr for checking bearing preload (for use with A.2.0274 and C.5.0124)
C.2.0037/0300Weight, 300gr for checking bearing preload (for use with A.2.0274 and C.5.0124)
C.2.0037/0500Weight, 500gr for checking bearing preload (for use with A.2.0274 and C.5.0124)
C.2.0037/1000Weight, 1000gr for checking bearing preload (for use with A.2.0274 and C.5.0124)
C.2.0037/2000Weight, 2000gr for checking bearing preload (for use with A.2.0274 and C.5.0124)
C.4.0101Carburetor pump test
C.4.0103Twin carburetor support
C.4.0105Beaker for carburetor pump test (to be used with C.4.0101)
C.4.0120Carburetor pump test (for twin Weber carburetors)
C.4.0122Carburetor pump test (for twin Dellorto carburetors)
C.5.0124Sheave for checking differential bearing pre-load (to be used with A.2.0274 and C.2.0037/…..)
C.6.0161Reference gauge for pinion setting (to be used with A.4.0136)
C.6.0162Tool for checking pinion setting (to be used with A.4.0136)
C.6.0168Feeler gauge for checking valve clearance
U.6.00071.828.003.000Reamer, 8.013mm dia, intake valve guides
1.820.206.000Camshaft locking tool (for the 16V engine)
1.820.207.000Valve removal plate (for the 16V engine)
1.820.208.000Engine-transmission unit removal tool (for the 16V engine)
1.820.209.000Anti torque flange for the electromagnetic coupling (for the 16V engine)
1.821.204.000Camshaft seal insertion tool (for the 16V engine)
1.821.205.000Valve assembly tool (for the 16V engine)
1.821.207.000Intake valve guide insertion tool (for the 16V engine)
1.821.208.000Valve guide oil seal extractor (for the 16V engine)
1.822.101.000Cylinder head bolt key (for the 16V engine)
1.822.102.000Spark plug wrench (for the 16V engine)
1.822.103.000Ratchet wrench for spark plugs (for the 16V engine)